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When printer is not responding, get easy printer support. Printersupportus is experienced and certified in resolving all kind of printer related problems. Most of the printer’s issues are printer drivers, printer setup, printer installation, printer offline, printer softwares and hardwares. Our certified technical engineers not only find and fix the printer problem but provide the specific solutions for the future perspectives. At Printer Support (printersupportus), printer users is a call away from the solution. Best part of it, If a customer looking to buy a new printer, we provide printer consultation to our premium customer because of technician are well-experienced and help you to find the best match printing gadgets.

What are the problems a printer user face?

Every printer user once a while face printer issues given below and (printersupportus) helps to fix the printer errors and support the safe printing.

Why printer do not print or respond?

  • There are several reason behind the printer do not print document. One of among id printer drivers issues. Check the error given below and find the solutions also.
  • Paper Jams: Printer users face on day to day activities is printer Jam. Remove the printer tray, and align the paper again in the printer tray. Lastly, cancel all the pending jobs from the printer setting.
  • Printer not responding: Many times a day printers stop responding because of poor internet connection. Make sure the printer is connected with the Wi-Fi router via USB cable or wireless, and maintain the limited distance between printer and router.
  • Slow printing: Reason behind the slow printing, printer might be functioning on multiple device. For this, use the “Draft printing mode” and increase the device RAM for one click print job.
  • Low Quality: Low quality printing document occurs due to ink cartridge. Open the cartridge and replace the ink or place the cartridge at the right place into the printer.
  • Printer Drivers is Outdated: Know how to setup and install the printer drivers, Printer drivers is the most common reason behind the every printer problem. If a printer drivers is not up-to-date, printer do not print any documents. Sometimes, it shows connected on the computer but do not respond when give the printing command.
  • Make sure printer and computer is connected with the same Wi-Fi router.
  • Now check the computer operating version i.e. 32-bit, or 64-bit.
  • Note the printer model name mentioned on the printer itself.
  • Open the web browser and go to the official website of the printer manufacturers.
  • Enter the printer model in the search bar.
  • Website displays the results related to printer model.
  • Now click to download the drivers as per computer OS.
  • Next, open the computer downloads folder and unzip the softwares file.
  • Click on the .exe file and install the printer softwares on desktop.

Printer is Offline: How to turn online

Printer says offline and not printing documents. In such conditions, install the printer drivers by following steps given above. Further, set the printer as default printer by following steps given below.

  • First of all, check the printer and computer wire or wireless connection. If any error persists fix it.
  • Next, open the computer control panel and go to the printers section.
  • Right-click on the local printer model and cancel all pending jobs.
  • Return to the printer Menu, and right-click on the printer and set as default printer.

Smart Guide for Buying Printer: Benefits of Wirless Printing

Want to Buy a new printer but lack of technical knowledge can not purchase matched printer. Before buying a printer apply the smart techniques and bring the best suited printer. On the other hand, wireless printer enables to print from anywhere from the home of office. Either printer with Mobile or Desktop on wireless printer.
Stay in Budget: Printer must be in budget and enable every features as per requirements. Most of the All-in-one printer comes in the vary to vary prize range with multiple functions and features.
Type of Ink: Keep in the mid about ink and ink cartridge while buying a printer.
Print Quality: Image: Test the print quality images.
Size and Print Speed: Check the size and speed of printing.
Wireless Connectivity: Must check wireless connection between computer and printer along with router.
Ease of Use: A printer might be easy to setup and install.
Product Support: Most important part of printer is printer support from the company. Make sure printer manufacturers provide the technical support.