When you’re printing something in Mac OS, you have to go through printer selection. HP printers are the most popular ones and hence they are the most frequent printers that are used in any office or home. One of the most common issues with HP printers occurs when it is offline. An HP printer can get into a state where it thinks that hp printer is offline and thus it doesn’t function even when it is connected to a computer. This could be due to many reasons but the fact is that no output will occur unless this error is fixed.

hp printer offline on mac
  • Check the printer is not in sleep mode. Press the power button on the printer and turn it ON.
  • Next, paper must be properly aligned in the printer paper tray.
  • Check the ink level in the printer toner cartridge.
Check the ink level in the printer toner cartridge on mac
  • Check the printer’s lights on its control panel and reboot it.

Why does my HP printer keep going offline Mac

Some of the ways to make your HP printer offline Mac are connecting the cable of your PC to the USB port of your laptop. Then going to system preference properties and then followed by selecting printer drivers manually. After that if you have made those changes select the option by clicking on the print setting button. Check on the network connection icon next to it. This is a very common problem caused by the drivers. You might want to get hold of the latest version of the driver for your printer.

When the printer is installed on the Mac OS operating system and printer does not respond. It says HP Printer offline on mac devices. First of all, restart the wifi router, computer, and printer all together. If again, the Mac computer says my printer is offline. If the printer shows offline messages on a daily basis, try to update printer drivers. In other words, download the HP Smart App on apple devices, and follow the apple instructions.

system and preferences on Apple Device
  • Open the “system and preferences” on Apple Device.
  • Next, click on the “printers and scanners”.
  • Open the printers Menu and click on the +(plus) icon on the screen.
Open the printers Menu and click on the +(plus) icon on the screen
  • Mac begins a search for available local printers.
  • Click to add printer on computer and test to printer documents.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: My hp printer is connected to wifi but says offline mac?
Ans: If your HP printer is offline on Mac, you have to have a working internet connection and a valid email address in order to check your latest emails. Then follow the steps below: Go to the settings section and check what printer is printing.
Q: Why does my printer say offline hp mac?
Ans: When the printer’s softwares is outdated then the printer does not respond to the Mac computer. In some cases, printer and computer hardwares are the reason for taking the printer offline.