Set up a wireless canon ts3322 printer on wifi, computer, mobile, and other devices. For the entire setting, first connect the canon printer to wifi, and then set up on laptop, or PC. Make sure the printer model has wireless features and is placed near to the router at minimum distance. Check the Power signal on the router along with wifi signal also. If wifi signals are strong and working on other devices such as mobile, or computer. Further, go to the printer Menu and see the wifi button in the series of all buttons on the printer. Press and Hold the printer and wait for the synchronization. This process helps to setup canon printer wire-free connection between printer and wifi router.

How do I connect my canon ts3322 to my computer

There are two pathways to connect canon ts3322 to PC is with wire and wireless. In case of wire, connect the Ethernet cable from one side with the printer and insert another side into the computer port.

  • Next, Go to the printer setting on the computer device.
  • Open the PC control panel and printers and scanners.
  • Right-click on the printer model and remove the printer from the list.
  • Now, again click on the add the device and computer search for available printer.
  • Local available printer displays, and click to install printer on computer.

How do I connect my canon ts3322 printer to my laptop

It is easy to set up a wireless printer on a laptop with any windows version either windows 11, or windows 10. If the printer softwares is not updated, go to the laptop start button and search for update and check the update if available. Simply, click to update the software in windows 11. Further, open the control panel app, next hardware and sound. Finally, open the printer and scanners in the list check the local printer name. Now, right-click on the printer and set it as the default printer and test a print page.

How to connect canon ts3322 printer to Mac

Easy method to setup wireless connection between mac and printer is to install “Start Easy” App on mac.

  • Go to the official website of the printer and download the setup file.
  • Open the setup file on the computer and click to run the exe file.
  • Further, Enter the password and click Install Helper.
  • Follow the screen instructions and install the app.
  • Click to next Keychain message and add the local wifi details
  • such as SSID,and password information.
  • Click Next, and add the printer, continue the setup process.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: How to set up wifi on a canon printer ts3322?
Ans: Want to set up a wireless printer on wifi. Check the power supply in the printer and wifi router. Now, go to the printer control panel and press and hold the wifi icon for a few seconds. New generation printers start searching for wifi automatically and are easy to set up.

Q: How to set up a wireless canon printer ts3322?
Ans: First of all update the printer drivers and install the softwares as per computer specification. Next, see the hardwares situations and replace any if required. Now add the printer manually on computer and connect wirelessly.